Detailed & competent Geotechnical Soil testing and reporting.

With highly skilled and experienced field technicians, geotechnical engineers and geologists, our Geotechnical team are well-informed and provide a comprehensive service.As part of our holistic service, we conduct all geotechnical site investigations in-house, and partner with NATA-accredited facilities for any laboratory testing. 
Our Geotechnical team strives to provide economical geotechnical solutions for our clients by keeping up with modern and innovative geotechnical practices. We endeavour to embrace and evolve with new systems and ensure our team is across all the latest technological developments.



All assessments are carried out by our experienced field technicians. We have modern field drilling equipment that is reliable and keeps our team as safe as possible in the field. All soil testing assessments issued by E2E Design Group are accompanied by a written report summarising the results.
Investigations are carried out in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. Our processes and procedures have been fine-tuned over the years to safeguard our clients from any future risks. Our team provides quality reports that guarantee a smooth engineering design phase.


Land Capability Assessments are conducted when clients require recommendations for suitable effluent treatment systems. Our Geotechnical team has adopted streamlined processes and procedures that ensure an economical and reliable design.



A bush-fire management statement provides all of the protection measures that will be implemented as part of a development to reduce the risk of bush-fire to an acceptable level.


Landslide risk assessments are carried out in accordance with the Australian Geo-mechanics Guidelines and are usually carried out upon request from local council authorities. E2E Design Group, Geotechnical team can assess the risk of a landslide on your site and provide you with risk mitigation strategies if required.

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This pack has valuable information which provides all the necessary documents you need to commence your building project. Typically, a PSI pack includes a title search, land information, sewer details, legal point of discharge, sewer and storm-water pipe details and much more. E2E Design Group, Geotechnical team can customise a PSI pack to suit your requirements.