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Providing comprehensive and accurate Land Surveying services for Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

We ensure accuracy and high quality through the use of modern Robotic Total Stations and GPS Satellite Locators. Using these technologies, we produce detailed feature surveys that meet all Residential Development Standards (ResCode) requirements. Surveys are a fundamental requirement when applying for a building permit. They provide the architect or building designer with the necessary information to accurately position, orientate and design your home.

Our team of skilled surveyors and drafts people produce accurate documents in a timely manner,

so you can start your building process. 



A feature survey is essential to any construction or infrastructure project.
It accurately maps the existing topography features of an area such as; neighbouring buildings within 9 meters from the boundary, location and detail of all underground services, position of utility connections, contour levels to arbitrary height datum or Australian height datum, original boundaries and dimensions.
It provides the foundation for the building project and is vital to determine what design options are available. Our trained staff will general perform your survey whilst on site conducting your soil testing. Saving on waiting time and out sourcing.


This particular survey provides pegs on site and is shown on the Certificate of Title.

A re-establishment survey precisely identifies where the sites boundaries lie. These surveys are generally required when a structure is built near boundary, when a proposed dwelling is to be sited and improvements to a fence or retaining wall are required. Other uses of a

Re-establishment survey include identifying exact boundaries for strata title purposes, confirming boundaries when buying or selling properties (particularly older properties) and if local council require a detailed survey of a property.



Our team of land surveyors can manage your subdivision project by completing all the requirements for submissions to the relevant authority. We can handle subdivision surveys for the commercial and industrial industries including the residential market from the simple dual occupancy through to the larger lot subdivisions.

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