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Providing sustainable and reliabe Civil design project solutions for all of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Our understanding of the complex requirements and environmental challenges of your civil design project allows us to provide a unique and economical solution that satisfies the relevant authorities.
We have developed relationships with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure our designs and specifications are achieving best practice. Our experienced civil engineers work closely with council during the planning phase to ensure your development complies with the principles and requirements of the relevant planning schemes. 



E2E Design Group is proud to be at the forefront of environmentally sustainable design, which goes hand-in-hand with water sensitive urban design (WSUD). WSUD is a land planning and engineering design approach that integrates the urban water cycle, including stormwater, groundwater, wastewater management and water supply, into urban design to minimise environmental degradation and improve aesthetic and recreational appeal.

We work closely with the responsible authorities to provide a seamless solution for your project. We also provides integrated drainage and pavement designs, giving a holistic solution for your development.


Our civil land development team provides fast, efficient and dynamic design solutions that minimise bulk excavations and site fill to maximise the land use and overall profitability of your development. Our 3D modelling capabilities enable the construction team to access accurate volume reports when estimating project costs



By adopting a range of techniques,

E2E Design Group can provide a variety of retaining wall solutions to optimise the usable space of your project.

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