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Engineers that are experts in their field, providing

unbiased advice and experienced conclusions.

Our experienced forensic engineers are experts in their field, recognised for their ability to provide

innovative solutions and solve complex project matters. 

As well as providing conventional solutions, our expert team offers innovative resolutions to the problem at hand.

Rest assured that you will receive sound advice to help rectify the issue at hand.  



In the event of building distress, structural failure and/or general structural safety concerns, E2E Design Group has a dedicated team of specialist engineers who can provide a comprehensive assessment and expert analysis of the issues at hand. We also provide specialised site and laboratory testing to support our investigation findings.
Our team of expert engineers can develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to extend the service life of a building, or when a change of use is required.


In addition to VCAT and County Court expert services, we can attend dispute hearings on our clients’ behalf and deliver statements pertaining to the cause. We can also conduct site inspections to identify areas of non-compliance during the construction phase and in the event of structural failures. In the case where a building has been constructed without the appropriate permits and/or approvals, we can work with your building surveyor to identify a scope of work that may allow the retrospective issue of a building permit. 

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