- Updated JULY, 2022


• Confirmation of Deposit Payment

• Signed Approval Form

• Client Brief

• Architectural Plans in CAD & pdf Format, unless ordered through E2E Design Group

• Survey Plans in CAD & pdf Format, unless ordered through E2E Design Group

• Soil Report, unless ordered through E2E Design Group

• Legal Point Of Discharge, unless ordered through E2E Design Group

• Easement Details, unless ordered through E2E Design Group

• Planning Permit

Work will be commenced after:

• Signed approval of our attached fee proposal.

• Paid deposit with bank confirmation.

• ALL relevant documentation - “INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED” is submitted


Our fees include the supply of documentation via electronic submission.

A fee will apply for additional hard copies of plans.

If we become aware of any matter which will change or has changed the scope of services to be provided, or the anticipated time period for the provision of the services outlined, we will notify you of this within reasonable time of the subject circumstances changing.


The following matters are not included in the total fee and where required will be charged to you at the hourly rates set out below or as a fee by an independent consultant or council / authority.

Building surveying/permit - Fee from independent consultant

Council and Authority fees (Incl. application fees, Unless Noted Otherwise) - Fee from Council

Document retrieval fees (Unless Noted Otherwise) - Fee from Relevant Authority

Other Consultant’s Reports and Alternative Solutions - Fee from independent consultant

Design Consultant's meetings - Hourly Rates

Site visits or inspections - Hourly Rates

Construction meetings - Hourly Rates

Additional work or changes that require redesign - Hourly Rates

Any works carried out if the project does not proceed, this Includes site visits, attendance at meetings, attendance on site etc. Hourly Rates

Expenses including (but not limited to) travel, accommodation and living expenses of E2E Design Group personnel when away from their normal workplace, secretarial, printing and reproduction costs, couriers and postage - Hourly Rates



Architectural - $200.00 per hour exc. GST

Engineering - $200.00 per hour exc. GST

Drafting - $110.00 per hour exc. GST

A higher fee of 50% increase in the normal hourly rates will apply for work in courts, tribunals or commissions of inquiry and time spent in courts or at inquiries and for meeting with lawyers relating to a court hearing or an inquiry.


Invoices will be submitted as follows (fees are exclusive of GST)

1. Payment in full prior to commencement of work Fee < $500

2a. 50% Deposit payment prior to commencement of work $501 < Fee < $2000

2b. Final balance to be paid on completion of work $501 < Fee < $2000

3a. 30% Deposit payment prior to commencement of work $2001 < Fee < $5000

3b. Final balance to be paid on completion of work $2001 < Fee < $5000

4. Payment to be made in accordance with fee schedule Fee > $5001



We offer 3 payment options
EFT (details are stated on our invoices)

Credit Card payments

  • In person when Credit Card is present 1.4% Charge on top of invoice amount     

  • Moto; Manually over the phone payments 1.7 – 1.9% charge on top of invoice of amount       


To our discretion any outstanding invoices will be subject to additional fees. Outstand accounts will either incur a *10% Penalty interest rate. This will be added to your account and your account will be put on HOLD.  (*The interest payable on late payments will be in accordance with existing Victorian legislation, namely, the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983)

Or a $100.00 per month account keeping fee until overdue invoices have been paid in full.

Once outstanding amounts have reached 60 days overdue, We will have the right to lodge a caveat on any property currently owned or acquired in the future by you, the signatory of this document on your own behalf and on behalf of the company.

All outstanding amounts will also be forwarded to our credit management agent. Legal action will commence to recover the debt. You will be responsible for any recovery expenses and/or legal fee incurred during this process.


If you or your company is experiencing financial hardship, a payment plan via ‘Ezidebit’ can be arranged *Ezidebit is a 3rd party direct debit service.
Account processing and service fees will be responsibility of the payee. For more information visit https://www.ezidebit.com/en-au



In addition to making payment of the total fee you are required to; make available to us all information, documents, and any other particulars necessary for the services. Ensure that any documentation produced by us under this agreement is used only at the address indicated on this quotation. Ensure that all documentation and intellectual property remains at all times the property and copyright of E2E Design Group.


As part of the agreement, E2E Design Group will coordinate, organise and pay on your behalf external subcontractors and consultants as set out in the quotation. E2E Design Group will not be held responsible for any reports, designs, information or the like, provided by the external sub-contractors and consultants.

Please note that E2E Design Group will not be held responsible for any underground services that may be damaged during our investigation. The client/agent must make every effort to identify all underground services before we commence work.


We may terminate this agreement because of a breach of any terms and conditions contained in this agreement or if a completion is not feasible due to changes of circumstances. If such a termination were to occur, you agree to meet all reasonable expenses until the date of termination. You may terminate this agreement, provided notice of such termination is given in writing and you meet all expenses incurred up to the date of receipt of the notice of termination by us.



In consideration of the payment of the total fee and any additional fees as invoiced by us, we will provide the design services as outlined within the quotation and any additional services as required.
A high level of commitment is assured to result in an efficient service and an economical design. Should you wish to discuss any aspects of the scope of services offered, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to working with you, should this proposal be accepted and trust that we will assist in achieving a successful outcome for this project. If you wish to proceed on this basis, please acknowledge your acceptance of the terms of this agreement by signing below.