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Construction &

With outstanding industry knowledge, our team is focused on bringing your concept to a built reality. 

Our service extends from planning and conceptual design to managing the project in its entirety through to completion.

We leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to reduce risk for our clients, and draw on our connections with building designers and architects to ensure our clients’ projects run smoothly.


This service allows our clients to take advantage of two separate inspections. The first inspection is conducted after the site cut and fill operation has been completed to determine the adequacy of the slab’s base for construction. The second inspection ensures the slab’s reinforcement is installed as per the structural designer’s slab engineering plan and details. We can also confirm during this second inspection that the appropriate finished floor level (FFL) has been attained, pipe penetrations have been completed in accordance with the drainage design, 'freeboard depths are correct , the concrete beam and rib dimensions are accurate, appropriate cover has been achieved, and that the overall site drainage is appropriate. An engineered solution for any issue on site can be achieved within 24 hours of the site inspection. 


When searching for a team to help you build your dream home, you want experts with the skills and training to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. Our team can take care of the hard work associated with designing and building a home from scratch.



Our team of designers, builders, architects and construction contractors have extensive hands-on experience and work with clients’ deadlines and budgets to complete tailored and robust construction projects.
Our experience in residential, commercial and industrial projects can help businesses of all sizes upgrade their properties to better suit their needs.

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